Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cookies and Christmas sugars

It is always nice to have cookies ready for any surprise visits over the festive season, From Thanksgiving to St. Nicholas, Winter Solstice, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year. Cinnamon, vanilla and Christmas coloured sugars ready for the festive season.

Are you preparing anything special?



  1. How pretty, Margie! This reminds me of my hubby's grandmother's kitchen... she always had canning jars out just like this, set on a butcher block, ready to make cookies for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren at a moment's notice. This will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without her, as she passed away in February after living a very long a very happy life of 98 years! ;)

  2. Hello Margie! I like your jars filled with delicios sweetie! Flavoured sugars are a great ide!
    A nice Sunday!

  3. Hi, Margie, your Christmas blog is lovely. I'll be visiting often! Pam

  4. Njam, delicious:) I love cookies.
    Take care, Vanamo